[email] American Charged With Hacking After Snooping On Wife’s Emails‘Walker was charged after opening the Gmail account of his wife, Clara, who was married twice previously. Walker found she was having an affair with her second husband, who had once been arrested for beating her in front of her young son from her first husband. Walker handed the emails over to the boy’s father, saying he was concerned for the child’s safety. The father sought custody.’

American Charged With Hacking After Snooping On Wife’s Emails (The Guardian)

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It is vital to make a copy of this comment and send it to as many people in Western Countries, even as I am doing.

This comment is an updated and clarified version on a comment that I have been writing.

It would not surprise many of us, if we discovered that Boris Yeltsin was set up and filmed in acts of Paedophilia on the orders of President Bill Clinton and President Hillary Clinton.

I am not suggesting that Boris Yeltsin was a Paedophile by nature, but as a drunk, he may have not known what he was doing and was only told the next day.

Boris Yeltsin lived in fear of being discovered, and he was puppetized and blackmailed by the Americans who he foolishly thought were he new found friends.

Boris Yeltsin should have confessed and then tried to give up alcohol, but he knows he would have been extradited to America.

If Russia knows that America has this film of the Drunken Oaf Boris Yeltsin in an act of Paedophilia, then it is better for Russia to admit it.

It could be that America never had such a film, and they were only blackmailing and puppetizing that Drunken Gullible Oaf.

America has publicly said that they do not have friends but only interests, and some people never learn.

Boris Yeltsin would have to give State Secret away and work against Russian interests, and we saw Russia crumble under that Drunk.

There should have been a system in place were if a Ruler or other High Official or Oligarch who was tempted and corrupted by the Americans to confess and serve a reduced sentence at a Spandau Type Prison.

The reason for the Spandau Type Prison is to isolate them from the general prison population who do like Paedophiles, and they would be constantly persecuted because of that crime.

Boris Yeltsin was not in it for the money, because his being drunk all day was his bliss and total fulfilment.

As we all know Boris Yeltsin visited America, and he would not want to be extradited to America to face trial and shame Russia.

However, he did saw they could help them become rich if they helped American companies and American Politicians become rich

We know how Mikhail Khodorkovsky was made Deputy Minister for Fuel and Energy, and even a Deputy Minister is able to give away secrets of the Energy Sector.

The American Corporations were able to use the knowledge of those secrets of the Russia Energy Sector to plot how to become wealthy at the expense of the Russian People.

Many America Citizens believe that many American Politicians both male and female who lust for money; have to be filmed in acts of Paedophilia before they can receive campaign finance.

The same applies for many of those who are employed as ‘Journalists’ who lust for money or simply want a job in the American Corrupt and Bribed Main Stream Media.

Every country in the world should have a system where leniency can be shown to those who the President Bill Clinton and President Hillary Clinton have set up in order to blackmail and puppetize them.

We all know that the Fascist American Corporations controls and funds the Dictators of America’s Election Campaigns in order to create and sustain a Fascist American State.

We have definite and irrefutable proof of this, because the Fascist American State does not have 100% Public Funding for Elections, as proper Democracies have.

It would not surprise most of us if certain Male Puppet and Blackmailed American Politicians have to be filmed ejaculating semen on young boys’ and girls’ genitals before they receive Corporate Funding for their Election Campaigns.

America is a country where most of their Media and Politicians are Corrupt Puppets of the Corporations; most of the people are completely Gullible, and such a situation allows them to be easily deceived and exploited.

We know that President Bill Clinton is especially wanted for ‘diplomacy’ with other world leaders, because they can discuss the Monika Lewinsky matter up fairly quickly in the conversation.

The Rich in the West are defending the known Criminal and Parasite Mikhail Khodorkovsky, just like they do with the known Paedophile Roman Polanski.

We know that Hollywood film technology is that good that they can make even dead actors appear in movies with today’s technology.

This means that even if someone claimed to have leaked such a film, it could be dismissed a good fake.

President Hillary Clinton masquerading as the American Secretary of State said that a conviction of a known criminal would have a negative impact on Russia’s reputation.

President Hillary Clinton has thrown her support behind the Patriot Act, the intrusive and illegal TSA ‘pat downs’ for sexual deviants, the limitless detention of terror suspects, increased surveillance of US citizens, and the de facto repeal of habeas corpus.

President Hillary Clinton has no credibility on Civil Liberties, but only Evil Liberties she and the rest of the Dictators of America and the Nazis of Europe are experts.

Imagine what it would be like to live in a country where the rich had to play by the same rules as everyone else?

For that people would have to move to Russia, because there is very little fairness and justice in America today.

The Imperialist Anglo-Americans know that if people knew of their methods by reading this comment, then they would have to improve their economies which will push the price of oil up and make Russia wealthier.

Khodorkovsky was convicted because he is a criminal, and because the Russian Justice System is not corrupt like the one in America.

Khodorkovsky’s conviction and imprisonment is a victory for the people who want to see the law applied fairly regardless of how rich someone is.

Although there are some rich people who are honest and decent, the Western Imperialists do this because they are desperate not to have people think that anyone as rich as them could ever be lowlife scum.

The Imperialists do not care if they continue lying, because they know from Hitler that a lie repeated often enough Will Be Believed, as long as it is repeated often enough, and over a sufficiently long period of time.

America is a country where most of their Media and Politicians are Corrupt Puppets of the Corporations; most of the people are completely Gullible, and such a situation allows them to be easily deceived and exploited.

American Mafia Tentacles reach a long way, and who knows just how far they reached during the mismanagement of the Yeltsin Era.

We do not know just how many Anglo-American sleepers there are in Russia that were corrupted with money by the American Fascist Corporations.

What we do know is that they have and will go to great lengths to conceal their schemes and their crimes.

Many people think a Committee should be set up to examine how best to manage the situation for Maximum Security Prisoners.

For the safety of those who confess or might remotely confess there should also be a special jail like Spandau Prison that is only for those who have confessed to being puppetized by Anglo-America.

This would keep them safe from the general prison population, but especially the Long Corrupt Tentacles of Anglo-America.

I believe that the American Politicians should pass a law to make themselves immune against all blackmail techniques by the Fascist American Corporations, because the Corporations have the dirt on most if not all the American Puppet Politicians.

I know that this is an injustice to let American Paedophile Politicians go free, but I genuinely believe that a greater injustice would result to the American Community if the Corrupt, Bribed, and Blackmailed Puppet American Politicians are not given this immunity.

There does not need to be a law to grant this immunity, because it is unlikely that the American Politicians would be allowed to even contemplate such a Law for the people of the American people.

They are understandably very reluctant, or more correctly, they are totally against even admitting that there is even the slightest amount of dirt.

However, a Community Law can be agreed on by all of the American People that if anyone pursues the law against these Bribed and Corrupt Paedophile Politicians, then they will have to answer to the American Vigilantes.

It is better to have this situation where the American Politicians will not go to jail for Paedophilia on young drugged sleeping Children, and this will ensure that Democracy is restored to America.

We, the people of Democracyland, whose national borders are defined by the United Nations Charter and International Law are committed to the Highest form of Democracy known to Mankind.

Democracyland will be a true Democracy, it will have 100% Public Funding for Elections; it will have no military alliances; it will be 100% against racism; it will have no genetically modified crops; it will plant many trees; and it will have 100% recycling.

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