[comics] Mark Millar’s CLiNT Is About What You’d Expect … Chris Sims reviews the first issue of CLiNT magazine ‘If nothing else, I figured it’d be interesting to see how it was all put together, but after reading the everything in the first issue, from Millar’s typically half-serious, over-the-top hucksterism in the intro (“Grandpa had ‘The Eagle,’ Dad had ‘2000AD’ and now you’ve got ‘CLiNT,’ you lucky people”) to the last page’s anonymously-written “secret diary of a celebrity pot-head,” I could really only come away with one thought: It certainly is a magazine put out by Mark Millar.’

Mark Millar’s CLiNT Magazine Reviewed

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Alright review, but it’s not really aimed at him, ( or me, or come to that anyone who frequents comic shops); it’s aimed at British who might’ve read the odd graphic novel, but don’t buy comics. I think they’ll be quite intrigued by the prospect of a story written by Wossy for example.

It’s being brilliantly marketed and I really hope it succeeds, (credit to him for using lots of the money he’s got writing his shit comics to start something like this) because it’d be great to have a proper successor to 2000AD. I know it’s still around and is still often great but it never excites people in the way it used to. It’d be great if CLiNT could help restore that energy to British comics…

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