[internet] In Praise of Online Obscurity‘In 2007, [Maureen Evans] began a nifty project: tweeting recipes, each condensed to 140 characters. She soon amassed 3,000 followers, but her online life still felt like a small town: Among the regulars, people knew each other and enjoyed conversing. But as her audience grew and grew, eventually cracking 13,000, the sense of community evaporated. People stopped talking to one another or even talking to her. “It became dead silence,” she marvels. Why? Because socializing doesn’t scale…’

In Praise of Online Obscurity

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And how! Remember when it were all fields? We used to get together and have beer. And then it all got popular and undesirable people (i.e. people that weren’t in our crowd) came along, so we stopped socialising. What’s the answer? Well, clearly we have to stop people from doing the fun stuff on the internet and leave it to us, because we know best, obviously.

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