[comics] Grant Goggans On 2000 AD‘Andy Diggle famously described 2000 AD, at its best, as delivering you shot glasses of rocket fuel. You may not like every episode of every tale, but all five episodes each week should try and knock you on your backside with excellent characters in fast-moving, over-the-top stories. Nothing else in comics can give you that thrill, and it’s the highwire, anything-goes weekly nature that makes reading 2000 AD so fun.’

Grant Goggans On 2000 AD

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What a great interview from a fine blogger! First time I’ve ever heard an American say anything like ‘Even the advertisements for these odd foreign products like Weetabix, Spectrum computers and records by Alien Sex Fiend kept me captivated.’

Although of course ANY Brit who ever read an american Marvel or DC comic will know exactly what he means…

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