[war] Secrets Hope As Hitler Aide Dies … [via Warren Ellis]

He also told the German newspaper how he was dismissed by Hitler over a bizarre incident involving a fly.

The fly had been buzzing around the room during a strategy conference in July 1944, irritating the Nazi leader.

Hitler ordered Mr Darges to get rid of it, but the SS adjutant suggested that as it was an “airborne pest” the job should go to Luftwaffe adjutant, Nicolaus von Below.

He said Hitler then flew into a rage and dismissed him, saying: “You’re for the eastern front.”

BBC NEWS: Secrets hope as Hitler aide dies

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Sorry, D, but that strap line from the BBC is dreadful. “Secrets Hope As Hitler Aide Dies” makes no sense as an expression. I don’t know what is a verb, noun or abjectival. “As” is capitalised.

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