[petition] Alan Turing Downing Street E-Petition: ‘We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to apologize for the prosecution of Alan Turing that led to his untimely death.’ [Click on this Link to sign the petition]

Alan Turing Petition – UK Residents Please Sign

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I call for an official apology from Prime Minister Gordon Brown, recognising the consequences of the homophobic prejudice that ended the career of a national hero, Alan Turing.

Please add my name to the petition.

Even though Alan Turing is one of my heroes, I think this is a daft idea. It’s not as though Gordon Brown was ever homophobic and apologies from people for things they’re not actually responsible are cheap and thus fairly meaningless.

But it’s always good to see Mr Turing making the news and getting a bit of the credit he deserved so I’ll stop complaining now…


He must be pardoned! How dreadful he was hounded so! Why prevaricate? Surely this is such a small thing for such hugely important Englishman.

Turing was a genius. His work at Bletchley Park saved thousands of lives and shortened the war by at least 6 months. This has never been recognised by any British Government. He was so good at his work and his prototype computers called Bombes, were so fast at decoding Enigma encripts that we were reading them before the Germans. His work and others was MATERIAL in winning the U Boat war in the Atlantic. I am heterosexual myself, but think his sexual preferences I think were his own affair and he should not have been so badly treated. It is time he was recognised for the what he was, one of Great Britain’s heros.

The great work that Alan Turing did for this country should be fully recognised and the continual hounding of this man was a national disgrace. While any apology is too late for him there are living relatives that should be considered.

It amazes me that turing gets so little recognition by the media which usually limits their reporting to the work he did at Bletchley Park, which was only a small part of his contribution to science. He justly deserves the title of “father of computing”. His brilliance made its mark in several fields, mathematics, computing and artificial intelligence; surely earning him the right to be called a genius.
where would modern computing be without the Turing Machine? or the pioneering work he did at Manchester University?
In my humble opinion he was the greatest british scientist of the twentieth century and its about time we recognised that.

It is a sad irony that Turing was important in bringing freedom from Nazi oppression to so many people in Europe and yet fell victim to the very same attitudes in this country which he served so well. He is someone whose achievements everyone in Britain should be proud of and should not have been humiliated in this way.

Please add my name to the petition.

Please add my name to the petition.
Niel Immelman

Alan Turin was a Hero in our time and full recognition should be awarded to him for his work in saving countless lives, his sexual preference does not alter the facts

Please add my name to the petition after all he contributed to the war effort its shameful he was treated like that

the way Turing was treated reminds me of good ol’ catholic church ways and Giordano Bruno.
getting away with just an apology for a murder seems like a fairly cheap price to me

Alan Turing has also had a great impact on biolgists. His purely theoretical concept of flowing and reacting morphogens (activator and inhibitor) has elucidated the periodic pattern (stripes) formation which can often be observed in coloring of the plant and animal body. This idea was subsequently confirmed first by chemists and then the Turing’s morphogens has been found acting indeed in biological systems. I feel sorry that not being British Citizen I cannot sign up your petition but I salut Alan Turing as one of the greatest scientists of all times. Being Polish I would also like to mention contribution of often forgotten Polish mathematicians : Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Rozycki and Henryk Zygalski, to breaking up Enigma code. They did it for the first time in 1932. The time shortly before and during the Second World War was a time of cooperation and friendship between Great Brittain and Poland as illustrated by the above case

The way Alan Turing was treated is and always has been the cause of bitter shame for any Briton with even a vestige of compassion and understanding. The very fact that freely we can contribute to this petition is on no small measure due to the work of Alan Turing. Likewise the fact that we can do so on computers.
Please add my name.

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We are governed by small minded people who are jealous of – or maybe can’t comprehend – genius.

Please add my name to the petition. Thanks

Please add my name to this peition.

Please add my name to the petition. I have been a long-term admirer of the work of Alan Turing after his story was brought to my attention in a magazine interview by the lead singer of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Holly Johnson, some years ago.

It’s so shocking that Alan could actually be responsible for us winning World War II and almost no one has heard of him. Had a heterosexual been in this position then he/she would have been as famous as Winston Churchill.

The current Labour government has been the most pro-gay one in our lifetime so I’m sure they will agree to pardon Alan. Let’s just hope they can do this quickly in case the Conservatives win the next election. The Conservatives have a terrible record on gay rights and will only make this pardon about Alan’s sexuality and not about his achievements.

Thank you for contributing your incredible intelligence to help save us from the Nazis Alan. I apologise to you for the way you were treated by our uneducated elected officials.

Please add my name to the petition. I was born in UK but I live in California. Would you like the petition to be publicized in Northern California Bay Area ? LOTS of Turing fans here !!!


he deseerves and apolygy and a knight hood he practicly won us the war by breaking the enigma he truely was a hero and suffered when he shouldnt have please put my name on the pettition

It is a national disgrace that the man who contributed so much to the war effort should have been treated in such a scandalous and medieval manner

Please add my name to this petition

This is long overdue and the double standards of the establishment are shameful and shabby. Honour this man and the work he did for this nation!

I am not a UK resident, but I think it is important to know that this is internationally recognized as well. Please add my name.

Please add my name to this petition.

A genius who, in spite of his overwhelming contribution to the victory against Nazism, was hounded to death by the British Government.

Turing was one of the greatest minds of British history and must be honoured appropriatey for his contribution to the country.

We should take a little consolation insofar as the climate is a bit better now.

The Prime Minister should award him the medal that Churchill wanted to give him in recognition of his work on Emigma,at the very least! Or posthumously award him a knighthood in recognition of him being the father of British computing. Then he might have gone half way to putting the matter the right.

This really is a disgrace and has simply gone on long enough. The Government is supposed to provide leadership particularly in questions of civic pride and responsibility yet it seems that this remanant of a responsible population, is continually called upon to drag out of the gutter, the human trash presently usurping positions of elected responsibility. The days of gay bashing are over for normal folk even if they are not for the nether class of Government. If Turing had not made the contribution that he did, the Grandparents of most elected representatives may well have been liquidadted in Nazi concentration camps.

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