[comics] Canada’s Comic-book Hero … interview / profile of Seth‘Seth characterizes his world as both “grandmotherly, in that it’s like this desire to create this cozy 1930s, 1940s kind of environment” and “kind of adolescent because the place has a lot of toys. There’s something about the teenage boy, trying to create your perfect teenage room. “I can’t live unless I’ve got control of the aesthetics,” he declares. “If I want a couch, it has to be an old couch — unless it’s really successful at pretending to be an old couch.” Luckily, his wife, a 32-year-old men’s hairstylist who met Seth while working as a model in a life-drawing class he was taking, doesn’t have strong views on decor (although they did “feud” briefly earlier this year over her wish to put a Sylvania colour TV set in the living room).’ [via Waxy]

Seth Profile / Interview

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