[comics] Livejournal Kills Scans_Daily‘The community has been dedicated to posting scans of new and classic comics for comment and critique (and yes, sometimes ridicule), although most scans are limited to a few pages by the community’s rules. Comics luminaries such as Warren Ellis and Gail Simone spent time there regularly, and Ellis once gave a year’s worth of paid time to the comm. A common theme among disappointed fans tonight is how S_D got them into reading comics.’ Update: Peter David Kills Scans_Daily

Livejournal Kills Scans_Daily

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Wha? I bought a ton of comics after I saw then in scans_daily. They purposefully only posted a few pages from non-golden/silver age comics to encourage people to buy them. wtf?


I am beyond pissed.


s_d’s own mods. are very pretty sharp about restricting how much of any issue could be posted and keen on flagging new issue spoilers. There was NO WAY to get “free comics” via s_d, just free advertising and free exposure for comics.

Everyone on s_d is a _comics fan_ who has now been pissed off and given a very specific direction to aim this annoyance. Such a dumb, dumb move that could have been dealt with via the mods.

For anyone looking for the new community it’s:


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