[twitter] Jonathan Ross is on Twitter‘wondering what record I should play on first radio show . am maybe “You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone” by radio Birdman. Any thoughts?’

Jonathan Ross is on Twitter

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Hi Jonathan!

You were awesome last night! Its brilliant to have your talent back on the BBC. Well done with the apology stuff…you did what you had to do and did it with professinalism,style and meaning.

Thank you for making Friday nights fun again!


Johnathan Ross – Friday evening’s interview with Tom Cruise was as poor as you think yourself!!.. He may be a bit shallow but Johnathan, it’s your job to bring out their interesting experiances. And reverting to playground smut was daft!!

Perhaps you should pack it in whilst your on the top – like a World Class Boxer and not just fade away with a poor reputation for school boy childish quips.

Hi Jonathan, would I be correct that you had a comment to make about the artist in Wales, the one dealing with ‘bums’? Would love to know when you commented and what you said as so many people are referring to this comment!!! And I am the artist herself!!! Look forward to hearing from you.

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