[comics] Commentary Track: “Invincible Iron Man” #1 … Matt Fraction discusses his latest comic … ‘Well, here’s another essential key to Tony, for me– the cad, the ladies’ man. The thing about Bond I always loved is his confidence in social situations — he always knows what to wear and how to wear it, what to order, what to drink, how to play Baccarat… the superspy stuff is a blast, but the character appeal to me — the real aspect of escapism and wish fulfillment to me — is in that social assurance. So I want to play that up in Tony.’

Matt Fraction on Invincible Iron Man #1

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I love Tony Stark but I don’t like the emphasis Fraction is planning to put on his womanizing. This is the year 2008 and while I think its great to keep traits that have always been part of a character, there should be respect for the changing of times. It will depend on how Fraction puts the womanizing into play that will matter. I know comics are aimed at guys but there are a lot of girls/women who enjoy them as well and are often left going why the hell are those of our sex usually so poorly represented in the comic book world? At least it appears Pepper is going to be used and hopefully in a truly meaningful way.

Fraction is a good writer and I’m just hoping he writes a Tony Stark that I’ll enjoy.

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