[weird] Right Brain v Left Brain Optical Illusion … I see this rotating anti-clockwise until after concentrating on the feet it flipped on me and started rotating clockwise. Weird! :) [via Kottke]

Right Brain v Left Brain Optical Illusion

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For the life of me I can’t see it go Anti-Clockwise.

How does the brain interpret it as Anti to begin with?

I see the head, the feet, and the arms going clockwise.

Maybe I play too much Video Games for this to work on me..

Oh… wow I can do it at will.. just by trying to unfocus the respective eye… Left for Right, Right for left.. feels weird though..

Couldn’t make it change direction at first, but now I can. :D. Just picture the raised leg to be the left for anti-clockwise and right for vice versa. Simple:)

The raised leg IS the right. How can it be the left? Look at the body for christ sakes. Look at your own body. Correspond them accordingly.

People who see her moving CCW just don’t know how to spatially conceive objects.

I could play all day changing the direction :D…

It’s impossible to imagine that she’s dancing ccw when you see her moving cw and exactly the same when you see her turning ccw.

If you don’t believe that this is a “illusion” then try to watch 3 or more people at the same dancing lady and you’ll find out that in the same moment some see her turning cw and other ccw :D.
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I can only see her going CW and I would consider myself to be good at maths – using the left side of the brain!

Please tell me how anyone can see this as CCW; I don’t reckon you’ll be able to!

As for her ‘raised leg changing’ argument; her right leg and arm are raised, and never her left, and you won’t change my mind on that!

She keeps switching directions! I can’t get her to go all the way round in either direction! arrrrrrg.

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