[tip] Windows Tip: Copy Error Messages Text To The Clipboard — I can’t believe I’ve been using Windows for 17 years and never realised you can do this!

Windows Tip – How to Copy Error Messages Text to the Clipboard

This entry was posted on Monday, June 18th, 2007 at 7:08 am and is filed under Useful, Windows.

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Nice buddy. I like it so much. Come on keep it up :)

When I first read this, I was angry. Why haven’t I been able to give smart advice to people about providing decent responses to error messages?

And the answer is simple. Microsoft should have added an extra line to the dialog box advising people how they might help their their support team by copying the error code to a mail message. Geeks are lousy at understanding user interfaces and all of their designs are useless, hence ^C.

Hmm, messages aren’t bad, but why not a magic button that does that generates an error report with space for user comment. Much, much more user friendly than the MS error reporting scheme for app crashes. And sent to the local help desk, not MS.

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