[bb8] Big Brother: A girly night in — Grace Dent on Big Brother 2008 … On Lesley: ‘Once upon a time, retired posh women used to trek the Andes for charity or make prize-winning marmalade; now they want to go on Big Brother and have a breakdown in public and let people they’ve never met watch them without make-up looking like a cadaver. I’ve no idea what possesses someone as sport-mistressy as Lesley to do this show. She seems to have one expression, which is: “Yes, you will do cross-country running in the sleet, young lady. Nowwwww!”…’

Grace Dent on Big Brother 2008

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Dammit, I can’t admit to spraying my keyboard with coffee when I burst out laughing because that would mean admitting I have been keeping up with BB!! NOOOO

iam loving charley i think shes cool and she speaks her mind
dont hate you should actully aprechiate lol keep up the good show

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