[comics] Matt Fraction on DC’s 52: ’52 threw all the comforts of safe storytelling out the window, for good or for ill, and tried to be something… well, if not “new” then at least ‘different’. Novelty was in its bones: characters were reborn and thrown into wildly inventive and over the top imaginative situations in a book that defies and denies conventional wisdom and practice. There were some big ideas going on here, some big thrills and some heavy duty weirdness both on the page and in them that, sometimes, in all their stoic grace and attitude, DC books miss. (Don’t believe me? Go pick up a SHOWCASE volume and compare it to its present day counterpart. See that mania that’s missing? I like that. It’s nice. 52 has that mania.) 52 was a DC comic with blood roaring in its ears and you could sense it.’

Matt Fraction on 52

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