[comics] A Tourist Map of Gotham — Who knew there was an Archie Goodwin International Airport in Gotham City? [via Kottke]

A Tourist Map Of Gotham City

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The name “Gotham” was given to the fictional city as the home of Batman, and was named after the British village of Gotham. FYI the village is known as the village of idiots, and this dates back to the time of king John. Folklore as it that wherever a king walked it would forever after be a public right of way, and when the king was making his way towards Gotham, the villagers sought to divert him by all means possible. The villagers were successful, but the king was angry at being diverted fromhis route, and sent a small army of soldiers to investigate and punish those responsible for this ruse. On hearing of the king’s command the people of Gotham decided to act the part of idiots, knowing full well that it was considered unlucky to kill an idiot. A cage made of bushes was built around a cuckoos nest, and when the soldiers enquired as to why this was done, the villagers told them that there would be a perpetual spring while ever a cuckoo was present. The villagers were successful in convincing the soldiers that they were all idiots, therefore they reported back to the king, and the villagers escaped punishment. If you are wondering how I happen to know all of this, the answer is that I live a stone’s throw away from Gotham…and one day maybe I might just try and it that cuckoo!

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