[myspace] Murder”‰on”‰MySpace — Wired documents another murder involving MySpace … ‘In many murders, victims and their killers are acquainted: wife shoots husband, crack dealer stabs customer, pimp strangles streetwalker. So you would expect some interaction among the friends and relatives of the perpetrator and the victim. In fact, typically there’s little. Even after intra-family crimes, relatives tend to choose sides and stay on them. “People distance themselves,” says Charles Figley, head of Florida State University’s Traumatology Institute. “The ties that bind people – births, marriages – split apart because of a catastrophe.” On social network sites, those sides interact. Victims’ buddies can howl at killers’ cousins, and the cousins can scream back. “All the old social relationship models and theories don’t apply anymore,” Figley adds. “We’re rewriting textbooks here.”‘

Yet Another Murder on MySpace

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your an ass. i hate you but yet dont know you. how could you kill innocent little people.
okay maybe not little but you know what i mean.
thats just evil and mean i dont know why anyone would want to do that. your sick and nasty. penis. so suck an ass in jail i hope that you turn gay and get it up the ass or better die. coz idont know why someone would do that its wrong so why would you. what did they ever do to you? i bet nothing and you just took away their life how could you? im very discusted by this kinda stuff.i hope that they kill you coz you deserve to die and where ever you go people are gonna kill you over again in hell or in heaven or where ever. i hope that you die and go to hell. coz your a bad bad man. i dont like you.
(of course i dont even know you.)

you freakin natzie

How can u kill someone that didnt do nothing?????that is wrong as it could ever be….u are wrong u r freakin wrong…….u deserve to be killed or to get killed by someone u dont deserve to live….many people out here on earth die because of people like u or they get sick and die….when meanwhile those people should be u……u hurt people because thas how u were raised and u need help no u need more than help…..prison aint goin to help u….u need to be killed….the evidence never lies….and by that they have evidence that u murdered those people which means u could die and nobody would care…..i hate u and i dont even know u…. u make me sick…u make people so scared they dont want to leave their kids home alone….but some people are not afraid of u ahh one just might kill u…..ur wrong really freakin wrong….

How could you kill a person, that did nothing to harm or disrupt you? It is sick that someone such as you could kill and inosint person like that, i mean realy. I hear about killings all the time on chat rooms and myspace but really wat kind of sick pervert could really jus want to take some ones life like that its sick and disterbing! I have a myspace of my own and i make sure not u “itergage” in such conversations as “sex” on cyber chat and such.! i think wa you do to little chiilderen – teens – adults is wrong wrong wrong i mean i cant even think of doing something like that ! Have you thot of the familys and friends that had to go through suffering because of you? well they have ben through wa more than you have ever been through am i right? i think i am.!!!!! you live off of killing / raping yong womennand adults that is sick a perverted

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