[games] The View from the Top — the final confession of a recovering World of Warcraft junkie … ‘The worst though are the people you know have time commitments. People with families and significant others. I am not one to judge a person’s situation, but when a father/husband plays a video game all night long, seven days a week, after getting home from work, very involved instances that soak up hours and require concentration, it makes me queasy that I encouraged that. Others include the kids you know aren’t doing their homework and confide in you they are failing out of high school or college but don’t want to miss their chance at loot, the long-term girl/boyfriend who is skipping out on a date (or their anniversary – I’ve seen it) to play (and in some cases flirt constantly), the professional taking yet another day off from work to farm mats or grind their reputations up with in-game factions to get “valuable” quest rewards, etc… I’m not one to tell people how to spend their time, but it gets ridiculous when you take a step back.’ [via Waxy’s Links]

Confessions of a World of Warcraft Junkie

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OK well my reason for contacting you is because im looking for this totally bad ass demon or undead or deamon or dragonslayer from warcraft that i saw once on the (dragon #289 oriental adventures)magazine either on the back cover of the mag or inside. my point is that i had this friend of mine that drew the demon with some ninjas and a dragon u know like those yakusa tattos for a sleeve and chest piece and for the forearm the “demon”. now my exwife threw the drwing away b4 we split and im not having any luck finding my friend who drew it 4 me and i cant locate the demon on the internet or i just dont know where to look. I was thinking since u r r were n Xpert on the matter i was wondering if i describe the “demon”4 u u might b able to point me in the right direction , here it goes . (his head is a flame with eyes and mouth, the top of the armor is red with scales and green dragon eyes that is suspended in the air above what seems like a star or sun he has a sorta of samurai skirt on but sacaly like the top part and with decorations i dont remember any legs, the arms looked like lobster or crab legs and he is holding some sort of sickle .well heres me shootin in the dark i hope i havent inconvinienced u myabe u could help me. dani

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