[comics] A Short Interview With Ed Brubaker — on Criminal – his new comic with Sean Philips. ‘…in the first arc, while pulling the heist, our gang uses the war on terror to help create a diversion. And I think that little part, reminding readers of the reality around them, adds something. But I also think that this world we’re living in right now, with the war in Iraq feeling a lot like Vietnam, the government wire-tapping us and looking at our library records, the internet being used for identity theft, and this sort of creeping fear and paranoia that more and more people have, this “Big Brother is watching and manipulating” feeling that’s so much in the air, helps create an atmosphere that’s very conductive for crime fiction.I mean, when the system is this screwed up, on all ends, who doesn’t want to read about people who live outside of it, or who fight it, or who just hate it as much as them? It kind of feels like the 70s and 80s again, really, but just with a lot better technology.’

Interview with Ed Brubaker

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