[film] Top 10 Sci-fi Films — voted by a panel of scientists. Aubrey Manning on 2001: ‘…the brilliance of the simulations – still never done better despite all the modern computer graphics. The brilliance of using Brazilian tapirs as ‘prehistoric animals’. The brilliance of the cut from the stick as club, to the space shuttle. Kubrick declaring that once tool use begins – the rest is inevitable. Hal: the first of the super computers with its honeyed East-Coast-Establishment voice.’

Top 10 Sci-fi Films

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“Blade Runner was the runaway favourite in our poll”

“A very close second, this mystifying story (2001) came out of a collaboration between Kubrick and science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke”

So was it a close contest or a runaway victory?

I thought it would be a bit different and off-beat:” Invasion of the Crab-Men had a brilliant demonstration of the second law of thermodynamics!” but they picked the same old predictable favourites. Star Wars, 2001, Blade Runner…so… sleepy…

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