[art] The Cat Pictures of Louis Wain — some examples of the Cat pictures of Louis Wain – a famous Victorian artist and schizophrenic. ‘…a foundation was set up for him by his peers (including the famous H.G. Wells) which enabled Wain to spend the last years of his life in comfort in private asylums in Southwark and Napsbury, where he continued to paint and draw his cats. Wain allows us a unique insight into the delusions and course of illness in a late onset schizophrenic.’

The Cat Pictures of Louis Wain

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have what seems to be wood block black ink print. signed. depicts seven cats holding hands facing trees at night. behind the trees the moon is smiling and winking at them. below print is a poem entitled WINK. size approx. 40cm x 25 cm. any info. would be most appreciated.

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