[comics] Amazing Heroes #176 Cover — in an interview Grant Morrison points out the Greatest Ever Line in Comics: ‘It was really a traumatic period, crammed with adolescent horrors. But all the stuff in St Swithins Day has come out of that time. The whole strip is lifted from my teenage diaries. I actually found the greatest ever line in comics in one of those diaries. It’s the first time that a character has ever just sat down and said, “Why am I such a wanker?” That came from the 1979 diary, some tortured moment on the M6.’ (from Feb 1990)

‘Why am I such a wanker?’

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That episode of St Swithins Day takes place in Winchester and that panel is looking down the high street. In fact it’s right here:

I’ve often thought it would be cool if folks would recreate panels from the comic. Maybe I’ll do it myself some day.

Without a doubt, Morrison’s greatest stand-alone work. I’m amazed it’s never been dramatised.

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