[books] Blink: The Movie — Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink to be turned into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio?! ‘…we were curious to hear what [Gladwell] had in mind for the movie. He tells us, “It takes a single character from Blink — Silvan Tompkins — and fashions an entirely new story around him, about what it means to be someone who can read other people’s thoughts.”‘

Gladwell’s Blink: The Movie – starring Leonardo DiCaprio?!

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i have a very very very interesting question which may be very useful to inform to the public of the answer has by any chance the blink film been how you say made yet be any chance it would be very interesting to know please do contact me back as i am your most lawful reader. a.k.a jewish mother of three


i seriously do want to know the answer for my mum is very interseted she is 87 years old thanks.

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