[war] The Military Applications of Silly String‘ I’m a former Marine I in Afghanistan. Silly string has served me well in Combat especially in looking for I.A.Ds., simply put, booby traps. When you spray the silly sting in dark areas, especially when you doing house to house fighting. On many occasions the silly string has saved me and my men’s lives.’ [via As Above]

The Military Applications of Silly String

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I don’t know if you’re aware that silly string also has a fascinating application in cosmetic surgery…

About 4-5 years ago, a plastic surgeon in the USA (I think his name is Dr. Johnson, believe it or not) discovered it could be used as a substitute for silicone in breast augmentation.

Basically, an amount of silly string is injected into the breast cavity, and starts expanding – the body then recognises that there are natual gaps in the space created, and fills the space will fluid. The breasts start expanding at a pretty quick rate.

There’s one big drawback though – it doesn’t stop expanding (well, not indefinetly, but it keeps getting bigger over time, requiring periodic fluid drain to halt the growth). It causes pretty massive increases in sizes. As a result, the FDA have removed it from their list of permitted substances used in breast augmentation.

If you want to see an example of someone who has benefited from “silly string” implants, do a Google search for “chelsea charms” – she’s a dancer/porn star who had the procedure about five years ago.

As far as I know, “maxi mounds” will bring up the woman who now has an entry in the Guinness book of records for owning the world’s biggest artificially enchanced breasts – she also had the silly string implants.

BE WARNED though, and sites you uncover will definitely not be safe for work. There’s safe WikiPedia entries for both women though.

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