[comics] BY WIKIPEDIA BETRAYED! John Byrne vs. Wikipedia — Byrne deletes most of the content from his entry in Wikipedia. Hi-jinks ensue‘Byrne discovered [his Wikipedia Entry] the other week and immediately set about to “correct” things. Here’s the problem. Byrne didn’t just want to go through to clarify points or streamline the entry – he wanted to dismantle the entire page. He deleted everything except for the opening biographical paragraph and the bibliography. He deleted every bit of information regarding his career stages, his interactions with fans, pros, etc., claiming that the entire entry was fraught with inaccuracies and lies. Thing is, they weren’t.’ [via Metafilter]

BY WIKIPEDIA BETRAYED! John Byrne vs. Wikipedia

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Wikipedia would be wise to make linking to old revisions easy and obvious. For the time being it is just as well to link directly to the last known decent revision before byrne put his own hands on it:

Simple link like so: John Byrne and eventually google and other index’s will point to that instead.

If such changes turn into an epidemic Wikipedia should construct a system where by revisions can have sub revisions, and the default revision shown is not the latest, but the most popular. Optionally they should also have a list of the top 5 branched revisions sorted by popularity.

case closed

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