[comics] Interview with Dan Clowes — mainly covering his new film Art School Confidential‘I had a revelatory moment as a child when I was drawing Superman. He had that insignia on his chest, and I was studying it for hours (I think I was 4 or 5). I saw the negative shapes that define the S, but I didn’t get that it was a letter. I would draw those shapes over and over. Then one day I realized, “It’s an S!” It all fit together. “S for Superman, of course!”‘

Dan Clowes Interview on Art School Confidential

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I’m sure Clowes would be proud to know that John Byrne said the same thing about learning to draw that pesky S.

Yeah actually that all seems rather suspicious – didn’t Bryne think it was like two fish swimming towards each other?

Byrne said it was a Kryptonian symbol that just happened to look like a stylized ‘S’ on earth, and thats how he drew it. The same was said about the Bat insignia for the Burton movie, that it was redesigned to resemble the maw of a bat also.

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