[blogs] Big Blogger 2005 — blog version of Big Brother. Has some notable UK Bloggers including Troubled Diva, Girl With A One Track Mind, JonnyB’s private secret diary, My Boyfriend is a Twat, Naked Blog and Gordon McLean‘Welcome to the home of Big Blogger 2005. For the next seven weeks we will be watching the housemates as they fulfil their tasks, eake out a meagre existence, and do everything in their power to convince you, the blogging public, that they should be the ones to win the title of Big Blogger 2005. Who will win? You decide…’

UK Big Blogger 2005

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I’m thoroughly embarassed to be listed alongside that lot.

Er.. meaning I think they’re much better than I.. of course…

P.S. one “c”

Which one is the “c”…?!?

I am notable I am, oh yes.

I hope I’m not the “c”.

I’d much rather prefer to be the “b”

Or even the “a”.

er you forgot to mention me or am I not notable?

vit will win – for sure!

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