[bdj] The web’s Belle de Jour? — the Evening Standard proposes another suspect for BdJ — an author called Stewart Home. I’ve been sent two files of information mentioned in the Standard by verysunnymeadow (a prolific commenter on The Book Club Blog’s investigations into BdJ). Both articles are linked below:

  • ‘Belle De Jour’ Identified As Male London Novelist‘With the Belle diary, while the forensics suggest even to the most sceptical observer that he has, at the very least, an extremely strong case to answer, the nearest I’ve heard of his making an admission is a touch on the side of the nose, given furtively to a mutual friend who was about to raise suspicions a little too high at a party.’
  • Clues that Stewart Home is Belle de Jour‘As readers of “Belle de Jour’s” book will know, Belle mentions several male friends and lovers. However, there is one male friend who gets mentioned in the weblog but not in the book. This is “SH”, a reference to Stewart Home, the real author.’

Stewart Home – Yet Another Belle de Jour Suspect…

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Have people stopped commenting here because they all read the RSS feed now?

If so, does that mean that your design is now wasted?

And, using the Wayback Machine as my guide, I wondered if LMG has the longest-standing design of any blog on the interwebnet?

[yes, I should really be working]

Jorn at Robot Wisdom is blogging again so I doubt that I can claim that dubious honor….

The template of LMG has actually changed under-the-hood quite a lot since the early days. It’s put together with php now and I worked a lot at getting it’s size down to keep my bandwidth as cheap as possible. I’ve also added Google Adsense on the archive pages as an experiment recently…

You’re right about RSS Feeds — it’s much harder to guess the size of readership. But the bandwidth consumed continues to climb.

I’ll probably stay with this template for the forseeable future. I’ve given up on the idea of moving off blogger. Blogger’s kinda crap and unreliable and doesn’t have cool bells and whistles but it feels like home… and I always hope they’ll add something I can use like categories…

Well, if you’ve been following my site lately (and others) you’ll know that WordPress isn’t always wonderful. Perhaps the devil you know…

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