1 March 2005
[comics] Well, what do you know? — interesting, spoiler-filled, review of Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers #0. ‘…in the final scene, the Seven Unknown Men are seen, all of them aging bald fellows in fine suits, fleeing their base of operations, a gigantic sewing machine that apparently creates the timestream of the universe. But they don’t abandon ship before selecting seven more conscripts, for seven more miniseries.’
2 March 2005
[comics] Frank Quitely Cover to All-Star Superman #1 [from BeaucoupKevin]
3 March 2005
[comics] Comics Motivational Posters [via jwz]

comics motivational poster

[ukblogs] Random Acts of Reality on Mobile Phones: ‘I’ve been trying to resuscitate dead patients when their mobile phone has rung – I look at the screen and see that the person trying to call them is “MUM”.’
4 March 2005
[lmg] LinkMachineGo is Five — I made it. What do I link to now? How many links must a man click on? More links to pictures of Keith Chegwin naked and quotes from Grant Morrison? Definitely … ‘Veni, Vidi, Blog.’
6 March 2005
[comics] Interview with Grant Morrison on SuicideGirls (interview is SFW – website isn’t) … ‘The comic universes are living breathing alternate worlds we can visit. And, if we’re lucky enough to be comic book writers we get to play directly with the inhabitants and environments of the 2nd dimension. I wanted to travel in those worlds.’
8 March 2005
[comics] ‘A feast of ink lay in wait’ — Steve Bell on Robert Crumb‘His style is dirty, utterly realistic, yet strangely innocent. It has a documentary quality that enables him to tackle any subject head on. I was young and impressionable so I tried to draw like him. I’ve been trying ever since and never quite succeeded, which is probably just as well.’
[comics] Doonesbury: Duke has ‘…some nasty karmic shift.’ [Useful: Doonesbury RSS Feed]
9 March 2005
[windows] How secure is your computer?‘Windows Service Pack 1, or SP 1, however, was another story. It’s an older version of Windows that was sold in computer stores until a few months ago. SP 1 was attacked 4,857 times. It was infested within 18 minutes by the Blaster and Sasser worms. Within an hour it became a “bot,” or a machine controlled by a remote computer, and began attacking other Windows computers.’
10 March 2005
[tv] Face Facts — Charlie Brooker on Nicky Hambleton-Jones: ‘She’s slightly synthetic and ethereal; the ghost of a listless graphic designer. Weirder still, for someone fronting a show about facelifts, her own face is almost entirely featureless. She looks like Mrs Spoon from Button Moon. She looks like a baby new potato in glasses. She looks like Michael Jackson’s mugshot snap. But most of all she looks like a Crayola sketch drawn by a very very stupid child. There’s a Ten Years Younger spin-off book in the shops right now: the front cover features a simple cartoon drawing of Nicky Hambleton-Jones, and curiously, it looks more like her than her actual photo does. She’s a freak. How DARE she tell other people what to do with their faces when she hasn’t grown one of her own?’
11 March 2005
[comics] No complaints about ‘Doonesbury’ tribute to Hunter S. Thompson — article about Garry Trudeau’s tribute to Hunter S. Thompson … ‘For Trudeau’s Duke, in the end, is a character far more sinister than the self-created, self-destructive gonzo artist who shot himself last month. Duke has a “predatory nature,” the cartoonist explained. Once parachuted into a hot spot such as Haiti, Kuwait, Panama or Iraq, his “relentless opportunism” will always take over. He stands for “a certain kind of mad unconditionality. Duke is never ambivalent, never in personal conflict. His take is resolutely binary: Is this in my self-interest or not? It’s a kind of weird state of grace.”‘ [via The Comics Reporter]
12 March 2005
[spyware] Adware-infected PCs net slimeware firms $3 a pop‘Webroot’s spy audit suggests an average PC on the net (whatever that is) has at “least two pieces of adware on it”. ClickZ Stats indicate that there are 280m active PCs on the internet. Multiplying the number of PCs by the average number of adware items on each by the revenue per app figure allows Stiennon to guesstimate that the illicit advertising market is worth $1.6bn a year.’
13 March 2005
[web] Words from Flickr [via Waxy]

letters from flickr

14 March 2005
[blogs] The Inner World of Joe Blogs — a balefully negative review of Scottish Blogs from the Sunday Times … ‘Unconstrained by the need to be interesting in any way whatsoever, blogs are the background radiation of the intellectual realm, the white noise of the collective unconscious, scrolling out their narratives whether anybody wishes to read them or not. In one sense a Warholian tribute to the fascination of banality, blogs confirm Martin Amis’s claim that where once it was thought that everyone had a book in them, that book has now become an autobiography.’ [via The Book Club Blog]
[comics] Another run out for Fat Freddy’s Cat — Guardian readers letters regarding the Robert Crumb feature in G2 last week … ‘Your Crumb pages displayed explicit sex, violence to women, incest, bestiality and child abuse. I read the interview, to see what attempt was made to justify giving publicity to it, but none appeared. It was a case of “a work of genius” justifying the prostitution of a talent.’
[politics] On David Blunkett and Simon Hoggart: ‘…did Blunkett tell Jim Naughtie on the Today show, whilst talking about the British sense of humour, “I even used to like the News Quiz, but I can’t listen to it any more. Jim Naughtie almost choked, “I think we will leave that one right there” was all he could say. The presenter of the humourous News Quiz show is of course Simon Hoggart…’
16 March 2005
[comics] ‘When I was four, I knew I was weird’ — Guardian’s G2 section profiles Robert Crumb … ‘I ask Aline, who depicted herself losing her virginity in her first cartoon, who she thinks is the less politically correct of the two of them. Erm, she says, tough one – he just about edges it. “Well, he is a sexist, racist, antisemitic misogynist,” she says.’
[bdj] Belle de Hypothesis (Fictional Account of a London Publishing Scam) — a neatly-detailed conspiracy theory about Belle de Jour being the work of a bunch of writers from the Erotic Review‘The second stage of the project is the delivery. The ER’s circulation is XK and declining. Why not, says RP, harness the power of the internet to show how thoroughly modern our heroine is, and as an adjunct reach out to an entirely new readership in the evolving blogosphere, reach out to the future tweed wearers while they still have beards and sandals or even better, Ipods. The blog must be simple (Blogger, basic template) not be based on exact events (too easy to check, identify, and must be anonymous, to show that necessary element of guilt, naughtiness and suspense to complete the formula.’ [via The Book Club Blog]
17 March 2005
[religion] Mystery shoppers hit London churches‘The Mystery Worshippers will visit churches across London Sunday 24 April and take note of sermon quality and length, pew comfort and the quality of after-service coffee. All visits are anonymous but the Mystery Shoppers will put a calling card, complete with picture of the Lone Ranger, in the collection plate.’
18 March 2005
[politics] Bloggers4Labour‘Uniting all Labour-supporting bloggers (and web sites) under one roof.’ [via Mad Musings of Me]
[bdj] Belle de Jour Interview — from a student magazine from Edinburgh … ‘Q: Has anyone you know put two and two together and worked out Belle de Jour was written by you? A: So far not to my knowledge. I have a friend whom I think suspects, but he’s far too polite to say so. A few of the candidates who have been put forward are reasonable guesses based on what is known about me, but unfortunately incorrect.’
[comics] R. Crumb (at the NFT): ‘I can crosshatch like a motherfucker”
20 March 2005
[comics] I Married R. Crumb — interview with Aline Kominsky-Crumb. On Robert Crumb: ‘He’s been a cranky old guy since he was 25 years old. I’ve been with him for over 30 years. He was like an old man when he was young. Now he’s an old, old man. [Laughs.] Without drawing, I can’t imagine how bad he’d be. In his old age, I have to say, he’s become a lot more mellow.’
[ukblogs] Call Centre Confidential: ‘Dear Bernard, Please accept this letter as my resignation. Thanks for all your support and encouragement. Yours sincerely.’
22 March 2005
[unix] Learn UNIX in 10 Minutes — very useful Unix cheat-sheet.
24 March 2005
[comics] 1000 Things to Like About Comics — another list from Tom Spurgeon‘…a simple list to remind us of the many ways in which the comics medium justifies and rewards our attention.’
[funny] Cillit Bang Remix‘Limescale. Rust. Ground-in Dirt.’ [Related: Another Remix]
26 March 2005
[crime] Don’t fuck with Ovid — A LiveJournaller tracks down his credit card thieves. ‘…they found yet another piece of damning evidence. Credit card companies will sometimes send out “checks” that you can use to make a cash advance. One of them had one of my Visa checks in his pocket. Signed.’ [via Waxy]
[comics] Steve Bell interviews Robert Crumb‘We live in a different world now – we got too much fun, too many distractions. I don’t believe in fun. I’m too obsessive-compulsive to have fun. Fun’s for normal people. Sometimes I look around at a party and I go, “Look at those jerks over there, actually having fun.” That’s incredible. They’re so fucking well adjusted that they’re enjoying this situation with the loud music and too many people. To me, there are so many existential factors that are so deeply disturbing about that scene that I couldn’t possibly imagine how people have fun at something like that.’ [Related: G2 in Crumbland]
27 March 2005
[bdj] Named: the Belle de Jour of the net — The Sunday Times writes up Belle de Hypothesis and outs Lisa Hilton as Belle de Jour… She kinda, sorta denies it: ‘I am afraid I can neither confirm nor deny (involvement). I really do not want to say it is not me, because I do not want to engage to that extent. I really do not want anything to do with it. I have never read any of this woman’s writing. I know nothing about her. As far as I can see it is just tittle-tattle and coincidence.’ [Related: Belle Updated Last Night]
28 March 2005
[unix] All The Quickies — long list of useful UNIX tips. [via delicious/unix]
29 March 2005
[ukblogs] Tories plan to beat “bias” by bringing in Bloggers‘The faction behind it denies that it is “rocking the boat” in the pre-election period and says that in the early weeks the website will be used to campaign for a Conservative victory. It wants people to use the increasingly popular practice of “blogging” — writing on-line diaries — to break the power of the broadcast media.’ [Related:]
30 March 2005
[film] Aliens at the Abbey Road Film Festival in London (31/3) — fancy a free ticket? Sashinka’s got some up for grabs … ‘I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.’