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Paypal Fee Calculator

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Thanks a lot for linking to my PayPal Fee Calculator!

Unfortunately, I have been contacted by PayPal asking me to remove the site because of trademark laws. Apparently I can’t have PayPal in the domain of the site, or in the name of the site, because it may confuse consumers as to who owns the service.

So, I have moved the site to another domain:

If you could find the time to change the link on your site to this new domain, I would really really appreciate it. The functionality is unchanged, I’ve just changed the domain and some wording to avoid legal problems. I hope you find the site valuable enough that it is worth it to take the time to update the link.

I will try to leave a redirect on the original domain as well, but I’m not sure if PayPal will allow that. We will see.

Thank you very much for your time, and also for your link to my site!


Derek Rose
The Fee Calculator

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