[tv] Cleaning Coinage with Cillet BANG!‘I, like all Brits love the Cillet BANG advert. It’s cleverly shot, presented and produced. Its a modern day classic, which I hope to remember as long as the J.R. Hartley ad. But is the new revolutionary product really as good as Barry Scott will have us believe? Can we trust TV? Would my life improve if my pockets were full of sparkling coins?’ [via Grayblog]

Cleaning Coins with Cillit BANG!

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I love that advert so much that I’ve adopted Barry Scott’s verbal technique for my everyday life.

“This is Robyn Wilder asking you if I can have a 1-to-4 travelcard and a bottle of water, please.”

The Bad Science column in The Guardian debunked Cillit Bang this week. Like anyone buys it because it actually cleans well…

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