[advert] Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain – the original updated — an quicktime advert for the new VW Golf GTI but amazing nonetheless. [via Ben Hammersley]

Singing in the Rain – the Original Updated

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Sat watching that over and over for the best part of an hour. Awesome.

i love this advert! i think it is amazing, it must of cost Golf GTI loads. But i feel it was worth every penny

Thanks Ben – really enjoyed it.

The CG is interesting, sure. But what really makes this commercial is the remix. Amazing. Something nostalgic about it outside the bare fact of redoing Kelly’s track. Reminds me of New Order’s _Republic_.

Does somebody know the name of the artist who have made this gorgeous variation of “I’m singing in the rain”? Thanks indeed.

The ad is absolutely amazing!!!!

sheer brilliance how they managed to put the original footage (gene kelly’s face) on the dancer

and now i can’t get the remixed song out of my head!

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