[bdj] Review of Belle de Jour — from the New Statesman … ‘What Belle does best is reveal the scant, prosaic motivations of men who pay for sex; and it is this lack of embellishment that finally convinces you of the authenticity of her strangely banal document. As she asks one client, a bestselling author: “Wasn’t it Dashiell Hammett who said you don’t pay a call girl to do what she does, you pay her to leave afterwards?” Her customers are not losers, and rarely are they kinky. Mostly, they just want the same things all men want, only quickly, effortlessly, without all that risotto and Sauvignon, without any clever talk or gooey eye contact. I suppose what I am saying is that the sex in The Intimate Adventures is – well, of course it is – transactional.’ [thanks Tom]

Review of Belle de Jour

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Man, I can’t wait until this is all revealed to be one big con.

Maybe not this year, or the next – but it’ll be exposed sooner or later.

strangely banal is right. This reviewer makes the very valid point that BdeJ was ok for a one-off read on the internet, but a single post was enough – why on earth should this rubbish work as a book?

I’m voting for the con as well.

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