[blogs] Blogger sacked for sounding off — UK Blogger sacked by Waterstones for entries on his blog … ‘On one occasion, he ranted about his “sandal-wearing” manager he nicknamed “Evil Boss”, which he said was a caricature like the “Pointy Haired Boss” in the Dilbert cartoons. In another posting, Mr Gordon joked about “Bastardstone’s”. After he was suspended pending an investigation into his blog, he was called before a formal disciplinary meeting and sacked last week. “The book trade can only exist with freedom of speech and information,” he said last night.’

UK Blogger Sacked for Blog

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Oddly enough, the book trade will continue with freedom of speech and information (or as much as it had before this moron’s sacking). You call co-workers names in public? You are silly if you don’t think they won’t feel a bit put out about working with you. If they are your boss, they have a solution to that problem.

Sacking bloggers for taking the piss out of work colleagues sets a dangerous precedent..

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