[bdj] Peep Show — Belle de Jour interviewed over IRC by the Guardian. Belle proves she’s a real blogger:

Belle: so, which browser do you use on your mac?
Guardian: internet explorer.
Belle: Have you tried Safari?
Belle: As an aside, you do know you'll have to cut-and-paste this conversation into something else in order to save it?
Guardian: ta, will do.

The Guardian Interviews Belle de Jour

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You’d think she imagines she’s the pro now! It was them who gave her the blogging award in the first place, and now she’s educating them on how to use their computers. You’ve got to laugh. Credit where its due though. If it is all an elaborate in-house Guardian game then they are making it seem quite authentic now. I wonder when The Times is going to follow up on its mighty investigative exclusive from last year. Did they ever get sued for all that nonsense?

Is anyone that anyone out there know going to the BDJ book launch party?

Orion – BDJ’s publishers – have added an author Q&A to their site for the book. It included the following, which I thought might be of interest.

Q: What single thing might people be surprised to learn about you?

A: I am addicted to 2000 AD. Apart from Helen, Tharg the Mighty is possibly the best editor in the galaxy.

I was invited, unlike BdJ herself. But declined on account of moving house that day.

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