[blogs] Have you read the one about me? — the Independent on blogs … ‘It is not that blogs have encouraged those with dull lives to write. They always have written – the blog lets them to do it in public. Some write monstrously self-regarding round robins each year; the blog lets them to do it cumulatively. The great blogs will survive, even those that make a zen-like, minimalist art-from out of their own dullness (see, for example, The dullest blog in the world) or those that, even in their dullness, manage to fascinate (Utterly Boring), if only because they give some insight, however accidental (or self-consciously contrived) into other people’s lives. In the welter of tacky corporatism that is invading the web, the blog remains its human face. Silly, boring, puffed-up, sad, tedious, over-excited, egocentric: just like all of us.’

The Independent on Blogs

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Yes, kind of like reading the Independent.

I clicked on this link to read the article but discovered I would have to pay a £1 for the privelige. I didn’t bother.

Has it dawned on the author that people might be writing and reading blogs because most of the mainstream media is full of meaningless, biased, regurgitated, and skanky rubbish?

Probably not.

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