[tube] Blood on the Tracks — article about suicides on the London Underground … ‘How the tube got its reputation as a good spot for suicides is a mystery. It is a completely stupid choice. A large number of jumpers don’t die immediately and plenty don’t die at all. Those that are successful often manage because they get themselves crushed between the far wall and the train, instead of on the rails. It is very far from clinical. At the first “one-under” I attended, the woman was still alive underneath the train, screaming and trying to get up. The image stayed with me for years.’

Suicide on the London Underground

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Dan Kuper’s writing style is suspiciously similar to that of “Jesse Fuller” in a Guardian piece
It’s hell down there.

I hope those people had tickets.

I wondered what it would be like while I stood waiting for my tube. The next time I got off was because someone had jumped. I looked back, and there was nothing. No sign of anything, to the uninformed it was as though the train had spontaneously stopped. Everyone was quiet. 90% who got off left the station not knowing why they had been asked to alight. time is 21:51, it was about 30mins ago. Very strange. Very sad.

Oh goodness that sent a shudder and a shiver up my spine…
Just thinking about that poor woman…:S
Im still quite young and my aunt works as a policewoman in london and she loves goin to suicide sites (i do not know why ..) seeing the gory things!!
She told us once that soemone was all spread out in bits along the track!ewwugh…:s

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