[bdj] Web’s most Famous Hooker Kills Blog — the Register on Belle de Jour’s retirement … ‘Belle did what most of the waste can never accomplish simply because she actually had something to write about or at least something to pretend about. The real-world musings of a call-girl, participating with the hopefully washed masses, are fair more gripping than an Emergent Insomniac intoxicated by sloth, riddled with Diet Coke driven anxiety and climaxing over his latest “scoop” on the intricacies of Microsoft Word.’

The Register on BDJ’s Retirement

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Ho hum. Blah.

How many more times will this be featured?!? I think we know the story!

Well I think the Register’s story is one of the more interesting articles on BDJ’s retirement… also I’m fascinated in the BDJ phenomenon because the updated ukblogs page which I run was probably the first place to link to her blog and I’m interested where this all leads…

You are not alone Darren!

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