[bdj] Call Girl “Belle de Jour” Ends Web Diary — Reuters covers BDJ’s retirement … ‘LONDON (Reuters) – “Belle de Jour,” the writer of an online journal describing her life as a London call girl, is quitting the website that launched fevered speculation about her true identity and landed her a book deal.’

Reuters on BDJ’s retirement…

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When I quit, Anna Ford will talk about it on the One O’Clock News – just you see!

…and so, another frivolous, unimaginative band-wagonish fad ends.

Just a small point of absolutely no interest whatsoever, but do you think you can actually quit your own website?

This is what I’m reduced to when it comes to Belle de Jour. Commenting on the linguistics.

Don’t count on it Martin. The book is released early in 2005 and if she follows the pattern of a typical blogger she’ll be back off the wagon within a couple of months.

Is it cynical of me to expect that the long awaited book will probably be a diary lifted word for word from the BdJ blog, running from last October to this September: ‘Just under a year in the life of London call girl’

Call me Mr Cynic, but “she”?

Call me Mr Apathetic, but… whatever.

No publisher would allow her to publish a book with as little narrative thrust as her blog.

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