[bdj] Belle de Jour signs off: ‘All things pass. For instance: Harts the Grocer, I am saddened to note, are now Tesco Metro. But that is the way of things.’

Belle de Jour Signs off

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A very sad day indeed.

Nick’s comment reflects my own opinion. The daily blog read just won’t be the same.

How is BdJ going to focus on TV projects if she wants to stay anonymous? Filmed in silhouette with a voice-over by [insert name of favourite actress here]?

I hate to be a pedant, but surely it’s “Harts the Grocer … is now a Tesco Metro.” I realise Harts could be considered plural – multiple Hart people offering groceries – but I think it’s singular in usage.

Yes, it’s a very sad day. *cough* Anyone fancy a cup of tea?

Actually I’ll have a glass or two of chilled chardonnay, darling…

Oh FUCK, that’s blown it…

I KNEW it! I ALWAYS knew it!!! Mwahahahahaha.

Hmmph. The Belle *I* know would:

a) NEVER drink anything as pedestrian as Chardonnay.

b) NEVER be in the company of anyone who would need to be TOLD to chill the bottle first.

I wonder how tempted Belle ever is to participate in any of these chats the rest of us have about her?

Never. (S)he’s too busy adding links to LinkMachineGo, her other weblog. :-)

*Hands round sour grapes*

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