[film] Unfairenheit 9/11 – The lies of Michael Moore — Chris Hitchens on Fahrenheit 9/11‘I have already said that Moore’s film has the staunch courage to mock Bush for his verbal infelicity. Yet it’s much, much braver than that. From Fahrenheit 9/11 you can glean even more astounding and hidden disclosures, such as the capitalist nature of American society, the existence of Eisenhower’s “military-industrial complex,” and the use of “spin” in the presentation of our politicians. It’s high time someone had the nerve to point this out.’

Christopher Hitchens on Fahrenheit 9/11

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If it’s annoyed Hitchens, then you know it’s a good thing.

The barrage of insults; the meaningless slew of pejoratives instead of analysis; the misrepresentations; Hitchens has turned into a classic neo-con myth-spewer. Go and see the film, and you’ll see that nearly all of this article is wrong, presumably (given the sheer stupidity of much of it) on purpose. Even if you haven’t seen it, it’s impossible to take Hitchens seriously. “[F]act-checking is beside the point” – excuse me? Still, at least Hitchens encourages you to see Fahrenheit 9/11 if you would like to. I would do the same.

It’s unfortunate that Hitchens’ article is the one doing the major rounds, and that so many people who haven’t seen the documentary are already figuring why go see this propaganda. All i have to say is, you’ve GOTTA see it and make your own conclusions. It’s one of the best pieces of documentary journalism.

Three words sum up Hitchens these days…”Gone to Seed.”

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