[blogs] Will RSS Readers Clog the Web? — it isn’t so much that the web can’t handle RSS traffic more that webloggers can’t afford the bandwidth bill … ‘Some think a solution to the problem might be found by integrating desktop applications into a peer-to-peer network, which would distribute the load among hundreds of clients. A central server would coordinate various readers, allowing some to check the original source of the information and passing on new information. Instead of 100,000 aggregators tapping CNN’s website hourly, only a handful would, passing headlines to other aggregators.’

RSS Readers and Bandwidth

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I don’t think P2P is the solution, and I don’t think developers can be properly relied upon not to create RSS readers that ping a feed whenever they feel like it.

I think RSS itself needs something scripted into it that can limit requests from IP addresses – the kind of thing that is already possible to ward off comment spamming and DoS attacks.

Off-topic – you haven’t updated “just the links” for a while, Darren. Any reason? Time pressure? Lack of good links?

I’ve been using

I’ll probably remove the link blog. I’m thinking of just doing straight link dumps based on what i post in there.

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