[bdj] Who is ‘Belle de Jour’, the high-class Hooker whose Web Diary is set to be a Literary Sensation? — the Sunday Times suggests that Belle de Jour maybe writer Christopher Hart.

scan of belle de jour headline from Sunday Times

‘…vague echoes and coincidences? Perhaps. But there are links between Belle’s blog and the real Hart, too. Early on in the blog Belle hangs out in the Blue Posts, a pub in Soho. It happens to be just round the corner from The Erotic Review, with which Walsh has of late been keeping in close contact, according to some sources.’

Sunday Times Asks: “Who Is Belle De Jour?”

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First there was Belle De Jour, the diary of a london call girl who is Jewish, well there is now

Belle De Jew –

diary of a London professional Jewish girl. Love, lust and earning a living.

Found this pretty hilarious. I love the idea that “Belle drops into her blog the name of Doris Day, Hart chucks John Mills and Kenneth More into his novel…” is some kind of proof that they are the same person.

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