[tv] The Severity Rating of Swearing and Offensive Language … The Top 10: ‘Cunt, Motherfucker, Fuck, Wanker, Nigger, Bastard, Prick, Bollocks, Arsehole, Paki’ [via I Love Everything]

Top 10 Offensive Words

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Wow! LMG just shot up the Google rankings!

I find it weird that “Paki” is seen as severe swearing by a third of respondents to that survey, but not offensive at all in Australia, where it’s often used in the press (not pejoratively). Kinda reminds you they’re only words!

cunt – i think its a perfectly fine name, it used to be a good word for the vagina, if you went back in time 30 odd years

i’m suprised that faggot is not one of them
and i don’t understand why cunt would be more offensive than motherfucker

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