[religion] Things Creationists Hate — for example, The Power and Majesty of God Almighty: ‘..and His subtlety. They will only allow God the minuscule, infant universe described by the writers of Genesis (or Moses, if you prefer). They can’t stand it that God has been working on this version of the universe for something like 14 billion years, and His workshop is so inconceivably huge that it seems ridiculously presumptuous to imagine the Earth and its dominant species to be the center of God’s attention. They won’t allow Him to work His miracles of life patiently, subtly, using the gradual, majestic power of evolution.’ [via Oblomovka]

Things Creationists Hate

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Not all Creationists believe that the world or the universe is an infant universe. I believe for one that a expanse of time as we measure it happened between Gen. 1-1 and Gen. 1-2. The Earth was and then the Earth is in Verse 2 Without form and void. Do you really think we all believe that we can measure Gods existance in time. Time was created as we know it when God created the first day. Who knows how many trillion upon Billions of Years if it can be measured that way, that God is. God is the Great I am. God has always been and is now in the present and always will be. With God the Universe as we can see it or imagine it with all of its time to travel light years between Galaxies could be less than the smallest part of a atom that we can imagine (a string). It is beyond the Human knowlege what God is. Those of us who believe and accept God at His Word know that Gods way is higher than the way of us Humans and the Earth is likened to His Footstool. The knowlege of Humans is but foolishness with God.

The part that one can consider infant is the recreation of the World in Gen 1-2 About 4000 years from Gen 1-2 To Matthew and Jesus. Now about 2000 years for the age of the Church, Next Event Jesus comes back and takes Those that are his to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb that last 7 years, while on Earth 7 years of rule of Satan and 1/3 of the Earth destroyed. After the 7 year party in Heaven with Jesus comes back and has war with Satan and the World system and wins and then begins the 1000 year where Christ leads or is King of the Earth during this time Satan is bound in the Bottom less pit. When the 1000 years of Jesus rule is about up Satan is loosed for a season and gets support from the some living people at the time to lead a revolt against Jesus and His Kingdom, Needless to say Satan looses and then the Earth is purged with fire and the Great Judgement of God and the Wicked who refuse Christ and Gods Love are Cast in the Lake of Fire and the true People of Christ inhabit the new Earth and the New Jeruslem comes from Heaven and we live forever more with God a period that is eternity forever.
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