[comics] The 10 Best Comic Book Footballers — My #1 would be Billy’s Boots‘Billy Dane was the sort of 12-year-old always picked last at break time. Essentially, he was crap at football. Then he found a pair of boots that had belonged to 1920s striker Dead Shot Keen in his gran’s attic and everything changed. The boots miraculously transformed Billy, who first appeared in Scorcher, into a goalscoring automaton. “Is this me or Dead Shot Keen?” he would muse before blasting the ball into the net.’

Top 10 Comic Book Footballers

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I think “Billy’s Boots” was the only football comic I found interesting (I avoided comics with only sports strips in them). Pity it wasn’t credited as the source in “There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble”.

Aha. Another previously-mysterious Half Man Half Biscuit reference to tick off.

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