[blogs] Guardian’s Best of British Blogging 2003 — My reaction:

a remixed panel from get your war on
[a remixed panel from GYWO]

Guardian Best Blogs 2003 Results

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me too….surely my log is better

Man – what would it’ve been like if you’d lost! ;-)

Well done, Darren. I think that’s actually quite spot on.

Go on, say it like you mean it.

Good show old chap! Well deserved!

Yep, truly well deserved. Talented bloke, that LMG.

There’s no need for that sort of language.

Nice one, mate. Have a good Christmas.

What everyone else said. Nice one sir.

congratulations! you were one of our inspirations to jump on the blogwagon.

keep up the good work!

Well done Darren! Glad to see that your good work here has been recognised, and hope that you keep linkin’ on.

I’m very pleased the judges added a category for, you know, weblogging. And very pleased you won it.

Yo yo yo yo yo! Woo! You rock! Etc etc!

Top hole decision by Grauniad judges well deserved!


Curses. Foiled again. :)

That’s ‘Special’ as in good, right? :)

Excellent, well done!


Well done indeed. I wanted you to win best specialist award, but getting a prize just for being yourself is even better I suppose.

but, you won, didn’t you?
dude, they had to MAKE an award for you. you’ve obviously triumphed over the establishment.

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