[blogger] Jerry Pournelle claims he created ‘The Original Blog’: ‘I can make some claim to this being The Original Blog and Daybook. I certainly started keeping a day book well before most, and long before the term ‘blog’ or Web Log was invented. I note that a Google Search on Blog doesn’t show me, at least not in the first 10 or so pages, but then I long insisted I don’t “blog” because I find the word ugly. But I have a fair amount of traffic and a quality readership, so I can hardly complain.’

(update) How Jerry Pournelle Got Kicked Off The ARPANET — bit of ‘Net pre-history … [thanks Phil]

*:login pourne
That account has been temporarily turned off.
Think of it as evolution in action.

Jerry Pournelle – Missing Link in Search for The Original Blog?

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“another reason why pournelle annoys me”

It might be shorter to give a list of reasons why Jerry Pournelle doesn’t annoy you.

Chaos Manor – This month Jerry reinstalls Windows. Again.

he finds the word ‘ugly’ but has it stamped across his homepage? nice.

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