[redrum] 100 Greatest Scary Moments — Channel 4 were wrong. This is the greatest Scary Moment…

really scary twin girls from the shining...
Come and play with us, Danny …for ever, and ever, and ever.

Shining Script: ‘On another of his exploratory bike rides as he comes around a corner in his inexorable progression, Danny is petrified when he confronts the two undead girls at the end of a hallway blocking his way. In unison, they beckon to him in metallic, other-worldly voices with an invitation: “Hello Danny, Come and play with us. Come and play with us, Danny.” For an instant, Danny is horrified to “see” another slide-show flash with horrific images of the carnage of past murders – the two mutilated girls lie in large pools of blood in a blood-splattered hallway, with an oversized axe lying on the floor in front of them. And then they add as they appear to get closer: “…for ever, and ever, and ever.” He covers his eyes to shut out the deathly apparitions. As he slowly uncovers his eyes, it appears that they have vanished.’

‘Come and play with us, Danny …for ever, and ever, and ever.’

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I have tried to explain to people this horror, but none will listen.

It’s a lot like an epileptic episode. It triggers seizures in me when I’ve seen it.

Yeah, I picked exactly the same scene a week or so ago. To this day, I can’t watch it.

Agreed. I first saw this whilst I was round somebody elses house at Uni. When the film finished I was too scared to leave the house and had to stay over. Mind you, it was in Middlesbrough so, given that it was the early hours of the morning, it was probably the right thing to do anyway.

The scene with the two girls is the most freaky one I have ever seen. Ever. And ever. And ever.
I don’t understand why, but I’m scared to death everytime I watched this moment. Really scared. All my body’s freezing.

I watched Kubrick’s “The Shining” for the 1st time at a friend’s house in the middle of the night. After the movie was finished, I had to take my bike to go back home… arggg..

oh my god….this scene is by far the scariest! I mean the redrum scene is also scary and same with alot of the other scenes, but like everyone else just sends chills down your body!!!

when they flash the blood, i always jump!

i love the shining.
i love this scene.
it will never get old.

I fully agree, it is the scariest scene of cinema history. When I see Danny on his bike I feel bad and cannot avoid to change channel. I cannot see it.

It must have been great working on a spine chiller like that!! WICKED but SPOOKY.

One of my favorite seens in any horror movie, my girlfriend hates me when i quote it, freaks her right out lol

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