[web] The Register — Danny O’Brien on Orlowski, ‘wiki-fiddlers’ and the tenor of conversation on Weblogs … ‘My God, people say, how can Livejournallers be so self-obsessed? Oh, Christ, is Xeni talking about LA art again? Why won’t they all shut up? The answer why they won’t shut up is – they’re not talking to you. They’re talking in the private register of blogs, that confidential style between secret-and-public. And you found them via Google. They’re having a bad day. They’re writing for friends who are interested in their hobbies and their life. Meanwhile, you’re standing fifty yards away with a sneer, a telephoto lens and a directional microphone. Who’s obsessed now?’ [via 2lmc Spool]

Danny O’Brien on the tenor of Conversation on Weblogs

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