[comics] The Graphic Truth — Julie Burchill on comics. ‘…a lot of the time, I was just being intolerant of perfectly harmless, inoffensive people and the stuff they liked, whose only sin was that I just didn’t get it for reasons to do with my own impatience and literal-mindedness. Adults who read comics was a big one with me. I didn’t just believe that anyone over the age of 15 who read comics should have their voting rights removed (even if they didn’t have them yet), I also believed that they shouldn’t be allowed access to further education or to adopt small children. But thankfully, I have become a lot more open-minded in my old age and now enjoy the works of Daniel Clowes and Terry Moore on a regular basis.’

Julie Burchill on Comics

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Watch out for the next issue of Judge Julie, where she takes on the perps of MegaBrighton 1 and the insane Chief Judge Parsons.

Screw Julie “ok, yea I read comics, but only in a post-modern ironic way, so I still regard them as essentially childish – take those Metaphrog comics I mentioned, they’re kids books that adults like, I mean how wacky is that?” Burchill and the fucking cutout cardboard horse of pseudo-outrage she rode in on.

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